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Some time before 2007, Slade Wilson and his partner, Billy Wintergreen, arrived on Lian Yu via plane to rescue Yao Fei, as well as to uncover whatEdward Fyers was planning. However, their plane was shot down and they were captured by Fyers.[1] Slade was tortured by Fyers for almost a year butSlade didn't give them any information on why he came to Lian Yu or who sent him. Slade was put in a cell with Yao Fei, the man he was sent to the islandfor. Fei asks who he is but Slade refuses to tell him. However, Fei figures out that Slade is from ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service)because of his accent. In order to escape, Fei temporarily cuts off Slade's blood flow slowing down his heart rate to make him appear dead. Fei lures aguard into the cell telling him that Slade is dead but when the guard goes to examine Slade, Fei takes him out. Fei takes the keys off the guard anduncuffs himself and Slade. Slade and Fei flee the cell and attempt to find Billy who to Slade's shock and dismay has joined Fyers. Slade and Bill fightwith Slade ultimately knocking Billy unconscious and fleeing the camp with Yao Fei. Not much is known about what occurs afterwards, other than that Feiand Wilson  had plans on escaping the island together on a supply plane that comes on the island every few months. [2]
Later, when Oliver searches acrashed plane that turned out to be the one Slade came on, Slade attacks him. Although Oliver reveals that Fei sent him there, Slade views him as a l