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  • Publicado : 8 de abril de 2012
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Forgive me
Forgive me for causing your heart to be perturbed
And making you feel disturbed
With my departing.
Forgive me for making your sky sullen
And your smile sad,
And your feelings led
Tothe verge of rage.
Forgive me for not leaving a message
To ease your soul,
Not even words blown
In the wind.
Forgive me and don’t hate me
If I caused the sun to set earlier
And the storms tobreak down
On your being.
When I leave you, I leave the Elysium
When I go, I feel the sorrow
Piercing my spirit.
After all, how should we want
To abandon an angel?
How should we get ahold ofhappiness
And let it slip through our fingers?
Being with you is living in magic,
Is being surrounded by springs
And summers, and held
By the arms of joy.
Is having wings to fly
And touch thehighest clouds
- Almost kissing the face of God
- Almost having eternity inside.
But sometimes I have to go away
And feel the blade of separation
Cutting my heart into pieces
As my whole beingwanted to stay there,
Quiet, by your side,
Listening to every word,
Laughing with your laughter,
Crying with your cry.
I wish I had the power
To change the things,
But all I have is my word
And thehope you forgive me
And forget me not.
Because the more I get to know you,
The more I want to live,
The more I want to give
The best of me.
And let my gray be colorful
And my day be joyfulAnd everyone see me smile.
When I’m sad and feeling down,
It’s you I think first,
It’s your voice I seek to hear,
And your care.
So, PLEASE, forgive me
And don’t be angry when I drop the ball‘Cause all my best wishes – all -
Are for you.
I’m learning to love you
As purely as we love our best friend
And even more,
Just as the Lord also loved us.
And if someday I have to go
Never to comeback,
I want you to know
That when I left you,
I left the best of me.

I could have the most important things
The treasures all men covet,
The love, the happiness, the life, the...