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  • Publicado : 3 de abril de 2013
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Educação e Religião na Austrália

Alunas: Cinthia Alencar,Carolliny Regina,Adrienne Arcanjo,Wrreberlleny
Números: 10,38,01,37
Serie/turma: 1 ‘’A’’

The Australian Aboriginalpeople do not believe in animism, the belief that all natural objects have souls; believe yes, many animals and plants that are interchangeable with human life through reincarnation of the soul andthus report on the period of creation, time that plants were human persons. In Australia there is a single deity for the whole continent and each tribe has its own deities with an overlay of beliefs,just as there is an overlap of words between language groups.
Their deities has many functions and has no single description or term that can describe them. Based on their role, they fall intothree main categories, and a deity may belong to any one, two or three of these categories:
- Creation of beings;
- Ancestral beings;
- Totemic ancestral beings (in shapes of animals - particularlythe kangaroo - or plants, fruits).
Its main ceremonies with primitive bases also refer to foods, crops, agriculture; initiation of adolescents and funeral ceremonies.
EducationThe Australian education has an excellent international reputation for its high academic level. The Australian education system is conformed by four fundamental levels: elementary schools and highschool, language schools, technical institutes and universities.
Education in Australia is regulated and supervised by officials of both government and private, which ensures the highest academicstandards, facilities for students, excellent security environment, the best group of teachers and teaching that is heading the development of the skills necessary to the demands of a globalizedworld.
All Australian educational institutions offer a wide variety of quality courses and study opportunities in all areas of knowledge, with programs with the support of teachers and aides who...
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