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  • Publicado : 5 de abril de 2011
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Inglês Instrumental Profa Cristina Arcuri Eluf Texto complementar 21/03/2011

I. Read the text below and do the following tasks: a) Find 3 (three) examples of verbs in the Simple Past in whichthere is a definite time expression related to the past b) Find 3 (three) examples of Simple Present referring to factual information c) Find 2 two examples of modal verbs II. Read the text below andanswer: a) What is your opinion about the Chinese government´s censorship concerning people´s access to social networking ? b) What kind of censorship is there in China concerning the uses of theInternet nowadays ? Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail email system
Chinese government's crackdown on activists thought to be behind what Google calls 'politically motivated attacks'guardian.co.uk, Sunday 20 March 2011 20.50 GMT

Photograph: Bao Fan/Getty Images

Google goggles help a woman in Beijing view an eclipse of the sun in 2009. The company is now claiming the Chinesegovernment is interfering with its popular email system, Gmail.

Google has accused the Chinese government of interfering with its popular Gmail email system. The move

  follows extensive attempts bythe Chinese authorities to crack down on the "jasmine revolution" – an online dissident movement inspired by events in the Middle East. According to the search giant, Chinese customers andadvertisers have increasingly been complaining about their Gmail service in the past month. Attempts by users to send messages, mark messages as unread and use other services have generated problems for Gmailcustomers. In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Japan, Google set up an application to help people find relatives and friends lost in the disaster. This service too seems to have beencompromised. "Relating to Google there is no issue on our side. We have checked extensively. This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with

Gmail," said a Google...
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