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1) The best way is to do sub-events with the character you want to raise relationship with. For example, if you want to raise relationship with Kratos, talk to the guard standing to the right of the government building in Palmacosta, and ask Kratos to train you. There are many sub-events in the game to help you raise relationship.
2) The way you answer questions also adjusts relationship.Almost every question you are asked to answer adjusts relationship. In general, logical and conservative answers will please Raine and Kratos, while emotional responses have a tendency to raise relationship with Colette and Genis.
3) There are 20 skit points on each world map (marked by a glowing blue circle). Each skit point involves one particular character in the party. Lloyd will be posed aquestion, and the way you answer it will affect the particular character’s relationship. It is usually easy to tell which response will make the other character happy, and which one will tick them off.
4) Have Lloyd cook recipes for the character that involve ingredients he or she likes. For example, Colette likes fruit, so cooking any recipe that has fruit in it, like Shortcake, will make her happyeach time it’s cooked. On the other hand, Colette does not like Bell Peppers, so having Lloyd cook something with Bell Peppers in it will lower his relationship level with Colette. Remember that Lloyd must do the cooking!
Lloyd Beef
Colette All fruits
Genis Milk
Raine Lemons
Zelos Shrimp, Tuna, Melons
Regal Tofu
Kratos Tuna
Lloyd Tomatos
Colette Bellpeppers, CucumbersGenis Carrots
Raine Mushrooms
Zelos Octopus
Regal Melons, Cucumbers
Kratos Tomatos
Note: Sheena and Presea do not like or dislike any ingredient.

- Ozette Inn (Kratos):
~"I'm concerned about this." Effect unknown.
~"It won't do any good to worry about it." Effect unknown.- Meltokio Coliseum (rescue Kate):
~Whomever you choose +.

- Iselia Human Ranch:
~The 3 characters you choose +.

- Sybak:
~ “I trust Kratos.” Zelos -?.
~”There is a possibility.” Zelos +.- Meltokio (Kratos):
~”Yeah, you’re right.” Zelos ?.
~”We can’t just ignore it.” Zelos ?.

- Flanoir (Doctor):
~If you refuse to go out with a character: Affection down for character(s)
~When you go outside with a character: Affection upfor character taken.

[6. Sidequest dialog choices]

These may be incorrect slightly, or there may be options not listed here that
do indeed affect affection. However, this is what has been confirmed, and it
probably will do for getting the soul mate you want.
Choices with“effect unknown” are currently not confirmed.

- Palmacosta Test:
~Get 0-1 answers correct: Genis -.
~Get 2-3 answers correct: Genis +.
Note: If you enter the Palmacosta Academy, a student named Mighty challenges
Genis to a quiz. If you accept the challenge, head upstairs to the vacantroom. There, all of your party members will study briefly. Lloyd will be
quizzed on three questions. The correct answers are "Guardian",
"Acceleration", and "I don't know".

- Sybak Presea event:
~"Do you really want to leave it like that?" Presea +.
~"Okay, let's get going." Presea -....
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