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English Play

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a not very far reign called Bambuluá, there were eight girls, who wanted to become actresses.

Director (Miss D.)/Oprah:

Little Red Riding Hood (Julie):

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora):

Princess Fiona:

Snow White (Emily):

Cinderella (Cindy):

The Little Mermaid (Ariel):

Alice:The Little Mermaid (Ariel): Do you think we have a chance to get the role?

Princess Fiona: Of course! We are by far the best of school. And don’t forget the fact that I’m popular, of course we’ll be chosen.

Little Red Riding Hood (Julie): We’re going to rock this play!

Snow White (Emily): Really, Julie? Please be quiet, we’re going to do our jobs, we’re notpartying there.

Julie: Oh Emily, kiss my eyes!

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora): Why would she do that?

(Ironic sighs)

Cinderella (Cindy): Oh sweetie didn’t you know? Friends do that all the time…

Sleeping Beauty keeps thinking about it.

Ariel: My test did well, how about you, Alice?

Alice: Great, I did gr… (Great)

Aurora: (Interrupts). Test? What test? I didn’t take any exam. OH MY,what am I going to do now??

Emily: Aurora, calm down, that’s what we’re doing besides the director is going to meet us at 3 o’clock today and tell us her impressions about us.

Aurora: Wow! So, I guess I’m going to take a rest, because 3 AM is too early. Would someone wake me up, please?

Alice: Aurora, 3 PM, PM.

Aurora: Oh, I see. (Felling all bad) But anyway I need a rest, my beautysleep. (She gets really upset with the girls).

Cindy: She’s so dumb, stupid and pathetic…

Aurora goes to sleep.

Alice: I guess she’s upset with us.

Cindy makes an ironic look.
Time runs ‘til 3 Pm.

Alice: Let’s go Fiona, we’re late.

Fiona: No, we’re not!

Then they meet the director. Miss D.

Miss D: Hello, Girls. How are you today?

Alice: I’m so excited.

Ariel: I’m dyingto know how well we did.

Miss D: Well, (She made suspense)

All the girls complain:

-Oh Come on... (Alice)
-Oh Gosh! (Julie)
-Tell us. (Emily)

Miss D: Let’s see… All of you were just fine, but…

Alice: But? Oh man…

Miss D: (Cleaning the throat) Ahem, but I have this question, which one will play Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I need Cindy and Aurora to do another test becauseboth of you seem to be perfect for the paper.

Aurora: Uh, let me see if I got this right…

Cindy: Oh, shut up, that’s no problem Miss D.

Aurora: But…

Fiona: Come with me aurora, I’ll explain it all for you.

Ariel: Girls! Did you see this? Here says I have to swim. Miss D. there’s some misunderstanding I don’t swim.

Emily: I’m allergic to apples and I feel like a ball! I can’t keepeating all this stuff… I don’t wanna be fat. Could we use a cereal bar?

Julie: (Almost crying). You know I’m an orphan right? That’s so weird. This girl has nothing to do with me, thanks God the grandma is going to die… That’s so boring… Uh no, do they save her? That’s disgusting… And Fiona, you’re kissing an ogre!

Alice: Do I really have to follow a rabbit? You know what, I can follow arabbit, but who is this Queen Hearts? Why can’t I be her? “Why, oh why, can’t I?” I can picture myself saying “Off with their heads”, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, off with their heads…

Cindy: Girls, for God’s sake, shut up! Can we do the test today Miss D.?

Alice: Off with her head… (Ironic tone pointing to Cindy)

Miss D: Ok girls, Calm down, calm down… And Cindy, Sure, let’s go now because, I havework tonight… And Girls, we’ll figure this out later, ok?

All the girls say in a disapproving tone: Ok.

Miss D: Cindy, 5 minutes in my car, girls see you tomorrow morning at 9’, and ladies, please go have some fun, celebrate.

All the girls: Bye Miss D.

Julie: So, girls… (In a happy-sing tone) I got this party invitation, who wanna come?

Cindy: (Screaming) I DON’T!

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