Oil and gaz

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Halliburton is one of tHe world’s largest energy services companies. eacH day, somewHere in tHe world, we supply our expertise, advanced tecHnologies and innovative solutions to Help our customers drill, evaluate, access, produce and maintain tHeir oil and natural gas wells in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

it takes a team of people – tHe rigHt people – to meet tHosecritical needs. it takes people wHo tHrive on cHallenges and on finding solutions. it takes people wHo are up to working in new environments and constantly cHanging situations. it takes people wHo are committed to getting tHe job done, and done well every time.

keep reading to learn more about wHat it’s like to be on our team.

are you tHat person?

“major customer, Huge job, tigHtdeadline? let’s go.”
go succeed

it’s said tHat you’re only as good as your reputation.
What is Halliburton’s reputation in the industry? Halliburton is known for going beyond. No matter how big the challenge, we go beyond customers’ expectations, beyond our own previous achievements and even beyond what appears to be possible. We’ve earned that reputation by coming up with the smartest, safest andmost innovative ways to deliver the reservoir on every job. Of course, we have an advantage: Our technologies are second to none. Our ever-growing portfolio of active patents currently sits at more than 5,000. And, whether it’s a new game-changing software or a time-tested tool, our customers know that Halliburton offers the industry’s best. It takes people – the right people – to develop thesetechnologies and deliver them in the field. At Halliburton, innovation is not only encouraged, it is expected. That’s why in labs and technology centers around the world, our research and development teams build powerful solutions that consistently make a significant impact on the industry. We deliver these powerful technologies to our customers in more than 70 countries around the globe. They knowthey can depend on their Halliburton team for the knowledgeable advice and innovative solutions that will help make their wells profitable.

When customers see the HALLIBURTON RED COVERALLS, they know they are in the hands of the industry’s best-trained professionals.

our customers don’t Have run-of-tHe-mill cHallenges, so run-of-tHe-mill tecHnologies won’t cut it.
With smaller accumulations,unconventional reserves and older fields, oil and gas resources have grown increasingly difficult to find, access and produce. Customers count on us for the expert advice and technological advantage to profitably produce their wells, and that’s exactly what we do. Through focused innovation, we work to address specifically identified customer needs, solve unique project challenges and developnext-generation technologies. Our state-of-the-art technology centers, located in Belgium, Canada, India, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S., provide innovative technology solutions that bring unmatched value to our customers.

“you’ll never guess wHat i did at work today.”

go create

By continuing to develop new technologies,we will advance with solutions that will change the industry and theWORLD.

“my training will take me anywHere in tHe industry i cHoose to go.” go learn

tHe benefits of working for Halliburton can quickly add up
Our competitive compensation and savings plans, coupled with a diverse array of health and work-life benefits, amount to an outstanding “Total Rewards” package that enable our employees to: – Meet financial obligations – Prepare for retirement –Maintain health and wellness – Balance the demands of work and home. An important part of our Total Rewards offerings is our comprehensive learning and development program. Halliburton offers extensive training and educational opportunities, along with a range of ways to build the skills necessary to meet the rigorous demands of our customers and of our industry. Training begins on Day One and...