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The Collected Works of Ludwig Wittgenstein
All texts copyright © Blackwell Publishers
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NOTEBOOKS 1914-1916
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Second Edition
Edited by
G. H. von WRIGHT
with an English translation by
Index prepared by

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Firstpublished 1961
Second edition 1979
Reprinted 1998

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THE text of this volume has been completely revised for this edition, and a number of misreadings have been
corrected. These were mostly very small. The most serious one that I have found was the reading of "u.u." ("und
umgekehrt) as "u.U" ("unter Umständen"). The diagram on p. 126 has been corrected in accordance with the MS.
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Thesecond appendix, Notes on Logic 1913, appears here in a different arrangement from that of the first
edition. That edition used the text published in the Journal of Philosophy (Vol. LIV (1957), p. 484) by J. J.
Costelloe: he reported having got it from Bertrand Russell in 1914. There was a different text which the editors had,
and which they had also got from Russell. It was clear that theCostelloe version was a slightly corrected total
rearrangement of that text under headings, and we assumed that it had been made by Wittgenstein himself.
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A debt of gratitude is owing to Brian McGuinness, not only for having pointed out some errors of
transcription in the first edition, but also for having proved that the Costelloe version was constructed by Russell.
The other one is...
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