Nova zelandia

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2012
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New Zealand
One of the most interesting characteristics of New Zealand, is that the landscape changes every 200 or so Kilometres travelled. It goes from beach vegetation into rainforest, and fromAlpine landscape into huge plains with volcanic valleys.
Life in New Zealand is calm, some times too slow motion for someone from a big city like London, Paris, Tokyo, New York or Rio. Despite beingquiet, New Zealand is not free from the day-by-day duties of the modern life. Anyway, what makes New Zealand calm and tranquil is the low concentration of population per square kilometre and itsbeautiful green pastures and panoramas around the country.
Manners: Although the Kiwi can be very informal, they always use good manners when dealing with any person. It is custom to always use please whenasking for something, and also to thankafter. Sorry or Pardon me is also very used. Not using these little magic words can see you labeled as rude, ignorant, arrogant etc.. The Kiwis are extremelycritical in this sense.If you do not use good manner, you will not be treated with good manners, simple as that.

Real Story : In a restaurant a customer call out a waitress with a sound, and askedfor a coke. The waitress served the people on the table beside, but did not bring the coke. He asked again for the coke and was again ignored. He threatened to talk to the manager, and was againignored. That’s when he got up to complain. The manager called the waitress out, who then went over to the table where the group of guys were sitting and said: the manager asked me to tell you that until yousay “excuse me, may I have a coke please” and also say “sorry” for the way you spoke to me earlier you will not be served.
 The Kiwis are competitive and sporty people.  Due to New Zealand’sweather, the sports that are practiced can be split into categories; there are those sports which are mostly practiced in summer and those only practiced in winter.
Some of the favorites sports are:...
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