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Transmission Controller Systems Model APC200


Dedicated to the new TE Series Spicer®, the APC200 controller system makespossible a new level of shift quality that is truly world class. To assure the smoothest possible shifts and direction reversals, the load sensing system automatically adjusts the shift strategiesdepending on vehicle operating conditions. The APC200 also protects against “roll-back” when shifting at low speeds on a steep incline. Although automatic shifting is a standard feature on all APC200applications, a manual override feature allows the operator the option of holding the transmission in any individual gear range. Available as an option, ‘kickdown’ to first gear can be fully automatic andwill occur at exactly the correct timing so that shift is also smooth. Shift points and other operating parameters can be optimised with a user-friendly, PC-based, graphical parameter editor and can bepermanently saved in the controller's memory. The optional electronic controlled inching (ECI) module offers precise position control while working with the vehicle hydraulics. The inching systemgives precise control over vehicle speed totally independent from the engine speed. Total drivetrain control is achieved when the APC200 is also interfaced with the vehicle engine and brakes. Besidesimproved fuel efficiency, single pedal operation and transparent integration of the inching system with the hydraulics are just a few of the benefits in using the APC200. The engine can be controlleddirectly, or through the CAN – bus using the SAE J1939 standard. The optimised, vehicle specific parameter-sets can be established and maintained on the PC for later use and/or end of production linecustomisation of the control system. Further, advanced tools for system optimisation and troubleshooting as well as tools to support end of line programming are available.

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