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  • Publicado : 11 de março de 2013
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1st dispositive:
We did our work about the Friends Without Faces theme.
It is about young people that coexist without meeting personally, only with electronic methods.
2nd dispositive:International Pen Friends are people that send letters to people that they haven’t met.
To this you have to be registered on their database, and then the organization send you some few people and thenyou have to write to them, and them to you.
3rd dispositive:
Cyber Friends are people that talk about to other people only on websites like facebook or twitter, or send them e-mails or chat onthe msn.
Sometimes the cyber friends didn’t even met personally, but only the somehow managed to get in contact with each other, and then they begin talking.
4th dispositive:
Facebook isactually used by more than three quarters of young people.
More than half of them have some people as friends that they didn’t ever met with personally, they only have heard of them by common friends,or just by coincidence, they find each other.
5th dispositive:
Sms are commonly sent by the most part of teenagers, and almost every one of them has at least one phone.
Sms is very used amongstteenagers because it’s very handy to use, unlike phone calls, which require a lot of time, as for sms it’s pretty fast to send a lot of information, and it’s easily used while talking to otherpeople.
6th dispositive:
E-mails are commonly used by the most part of the civilization, since it’s very handy to use, because you only need to have e-mail, access to the internet, and if yourrecipient already has an e-mail account too, it is very easy for him to receive a large amount of intelligence.
E-mail it’s also good for send mails to lot of people because, you can send it to everycontact you have.
7th dispositive:
Forums are also very used amongst people of all ages because it can easily access a very large part of people, since the most part of forums it’s free to use.
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