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  • Publicado : 19 de setembro de 2012
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|ac dc |back in black |
|ac dc |you shook me all night long ||ace of base |the sign |
|a-há |take on me ||alanis morisette |hands clean |
|alice in chains |man in the box ||avril lavigne |skater boy |
|beatles |i want to hold your hand |
|beegees |stayin alive |
|bee gees |night fever |
|blacksabbath |iron man |
|black sabbath |paranoid |
|bobdylan |blowin in the wind |
|bon jovi |dead or alive |
|bon jovi|livin on a prayer |
|bon jovi |you give love a bad name |
|bryam adams|summer of the '69 |
|bryam adams |(everything i do) i do it for you |
|chic|le freak |
|cindy lauper |girls just wanna have fun |