Musi cto my ears

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Music to my ears

Every since I was 6 years old I have always wanted to be a singer, what is not something so special because many peoplewant the same. I sang for the first time in my church and it was amazing the way I felt when I did it. From that day I become sure about what Iwant to do and it is become a singer.
My parents wanted to get me to singing lessons, but I refused because I was young and scared. In thepresent day I think I should take some classes for me to improve what I already know and became better in some difficult notes.
My biggestinspiration is named Demi Lovato. She’s totally great; at least that’s how I see it. What I like the most in her is that she sings with her soul and not onlywith her month. Whenever you listen to some music you always also listen to its interpreter soul.
Another super famous singer that I love isMiley Cyrus. I know that for almost everybody she can’t sing but I really do like her, anyway. In my point of view she takes risks, she always want todo something different. Sometimes she fails, but in a career it’s obvious that being a risk taker is a good skill.
I know I have to do a lotof things concerning my music and the first one is: I have to believe in me. I know everybody say it, but actually it’s really the truth. Evenknowing it’s such a difficult job nowadays, I truly want it and I guess I can really achieve it if I work harder.

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