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AC/DC/IR/GB Electrical Safety Tester


Patent No:074646

* 200VA AC Test Capacity * Arc Detection* AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test & Insulation Resistance Test * True RMS Cut-Off Current Measurement * Zero Crossing Turn-On Operation Switch * Linear Amplifier with Feedback Control to ProviderHigh Regulated Voltage Output * Output Voltage and Current Limit Could be set Without HV Output * Output Voltage Adjustable During Test Period * 9 pins Remote Control for START, RESET, and Test ResultOutput * Automatic FAIL Indicator of Alarm Lamp and Buzzer * Scanner Box for Automatic Test (Option) * 42A Ground Bond Test * Controllable Ramp-Up Time

AC HI-POTSPECIFICATIONS Voltage Range 0.100 ~ 5.000kV 5V Voltage Resolution 1% + 5 V Voltage Regulation 1% of reading 10 V (above 500V) Voltage Accuracy 40mA, (above 500V) Max. Current 0.10 ~ 40mA, 0.02mA (resolution)Current Limit Current Accuracy 1% of reading 80 A DC HI-POT SPECIFICATIONS 0.100 ~ 6.000kV Voltage Range 5V Voltage Resolutoin 1% + 5 V Voltage Regulation 1% of reading 10 V (above 500V) VoltageAccuracy 10mA, (above 500V) Max. Current Current Limit 0.10~10mA, 0.01mA (resolution) Current Accuracy 1% of reading 50 A

INTERFACE Remote I/O RS-232C Scan Real PanelOutput GPIB Scanner Box

Standard Standard Standard Standard Option Option(HSB-001-1: 8ch HV + 8ch GB HSB-001-2: 16 ch HV)

POWER SOURCE AC100V, 120V, 220V, 230V 10% , 50/60Hz ACCESSORIESInstruction manual x 1, Power cord x 1 Test lead GHT-105A x 1 , GHT-107A x 1 , GTL-115 x 1 DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT 330(W) x 149(H) x 446(D) mm, Approx. 15kg

GPI-745A AC 200VA AC/DCWithstand Voltage/Insulation/Ground Bound Electrical Safety Tester

DC Voltage 50V/100V/500V/1000V 1 ~ 9900M(500V,1000V);1 ~ 2000M(50V,100V) Resistance Range Resistance Accuracy 50V/100V 1~50M : 5% of...
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