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Instructions for filling in the regular residence permit application.

* Print out the application form,

To be signed by the applicant,
* Fill in your name, town date and signature.

Declaration ofawareness study,
* Put a mark in the white square if you understand and agree with the declaration.

Declaration of circumstances,
* Put a mark in the first white square. (Since the issue of my…………)

Declaration (criminal record),
* Put a mark on the white square which applies to you. If you choose thesecond one fill in the reason.

* Put a mark on the first and the last white square if you agree. (I hereby declare the I am prepared…) ( I am aware…)

Appendix photo card,
* Put your signature in the box on the right under corner.
* Attach a photo (with adhesive tape) up to the Dutchstandards. (for the Dutch standards see the photo matrix. Take the matrix with you to your photographer to make sure your picture will be correct.)

Send the entire application by post mail to:

Avans university of applied sciences,
PO Box 90.116
4800 RA Breda
The Netherlands

E L I N E S 2 0 0 7

Criteria for accepting passportphotos in Dutch travel documents

The photo is intended to identify the applicant. Applicants for travel documents are therefore required to submit a colour passport photo that shows a true likeness of themselves. A photo will be accepted only if it meets all the criteria specified below, unless one of the exceptions in the Passport Regulations applies.

1 | | S I Z E |
| |The passport photo must be 35 by 45 mm (width x height).
Width: from ear to ear, between 16 mm and 20 mm.
Height: from age 11: from chin to crown, between 26 and 30 mm. up to age 11: from chin to crown, between 19 and 30 mm.
You can check the size using the accompanying transparency.

CORRECT | | A. Black & white | | B. Optical distortion | | C. Unnatural | | D. Insufficient || E. Out of focus |
| | | | | | representation | | contrast (pale) | | |

./ In colour
./ A true likeness
./ Natural representation
./ In focus, sufficient contrast, discernible fine facial features
./ Undamaged
./ Not a reproduction (copy)
./ Not manipulated
./ Printed on high-quality, smooth photo paper
3 | | B A C K G R O U N D |
| |./ Minimum 400 dpi resolution

2 | | P H O T O Q U A L I T Y |
| |

CORRECT | | A. Not uniformly lit | | B. More than one | | C. Merging colours | | D. Insufficient | | E. Insufficient |
| | (shadow) | | colour | | | | contrast | | contrast |

./ Light grey, pale blue, or white
./ Uniformly lit
./ One colour only
./ No merging of colours./ Sufficient contrast between head and background

The photo is in focus and is a true likeness and natural representation of the applicant. The photo shows sufficient contrast and fine features of the face, and the facial colouring is natural.

By high-quality, smooth photo paper, we mean paper intended for printing photos. The paper contains no raised surfaces or any other tangibleor visible irregularities that might distort the appearance of the applicant.

The photographer needs to know that the photo must be 400 dpi and judge whether the photo looks as if its minimum resolution is 400 dpi.

The photo appears in black and white on the travel document, but is stored in colour on the microchip.

The background colour must be light grey, pale blue, or white....