Mobile devices

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College of management and technology Santarem
College of management and technology Santarem

CET in Installation and Maintenance of network and informatic systems
School Year of 2012/2013
Teacher Emilia Pereira

Names of group work:
João Filipe Lino Ramalho nº 120172032
José António Gomes nº 120172033
PedroSantos nº 120172030
Rui Girão nº 120172029


Introduction 3
Development 4
Mobile Device 4
Smartphone 6
Project Glass 8
Portable console 9
Ultra Mobile PC 10
Android 12
ioS 14
BlackBerry 16
Tablet 17
Smart Tv 19
Conclusion 21
Bibliography 22


We'll talk about mobile devices in general and all the features and specifications of these devices.We will present a brief definition of what mobile devices are and how they work and even some pictures of them.
The main objective of this work is to ensure a thorough knowledge of this topic.


Mobile Device

A mobile device, commonly referred to in English as handheld pocket computer is usually equipped with a small screen (output) and a miniature keyboard (input). In thecase of PDAs, output and input are combined into a touch screen.
Mobile devices are the most common:
• Smartphone;
• PDA;
• Phone (en) / Mobile (br);
• Portable Console;
• Ultra Mobile PC;
Increasingly, mobile devices become integrated and today it is very common to see mobile / cell phones that function as PDA, GPS, mobile TV, Consoles, Internet Browser, WAP, audio players, video andtext, among others. All in one application.
Mobile technology is not just an invention, it may be considered a revolution because it was able to reach people's daily lives and be part of their lives, changing their routines and ways of making decisions. Many people cannot live without a mobile, others are available 24 hours and found anywhere, some do not give up on your palm are connected to theInternet while moving around the house. All this was only possible through the evolution of mobile technology; we dispose various devices, such as telecommunication, where we can include mobile phones, wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, SmartPhones. Another example would be the laptops of the quoted Handhelds, PDAs, notebooks. Mobility began as a facility, but today has become anecessity.
Because this type of technology allows access to data and information anytime and anywhere. This becomes a powerful attraction.
This type of investment also get to meet the medium and large, because this is not just an option to facilitate particular tasks, but is also an opportunity to improve business management and can integrate with mobile devices and management systems and -business.It is important the investment in mobility also for customer service, provides many options for interactivity with it.

Mobility popularized mainly by the launch and evolution of handhelds (mean palm) and mobile phones. We will highlight this article handhelds. The product was created by Jeff Hawkins and launched on the market in April 1996. Apart from Jeff founded the Palm Handspring, acompany historically linked to the evolution of handheld computers. The palm was later divide in two businesses: palmOne, responsible for the industrialization of equipment and PalmSource, responsible for Palm OS, developed by Hawkins.


Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced features that can be extended through programs run by your operating system. The operating systems ofsmartphones that allow developers to create thousands of additional programs, with different utilities, aggregate sites like Google Play. Usually a smartphone has features minimal hardware and software, the main ones being the ability to connect to data networks for Internet access, the ability to synchronize organizer data with a personal computer, and an address book that you can use all the available...
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