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Metallography of Common Alloys
Laboratory Experiment #5
Prepared by Dr. Glen Stone and Dr. William Cross
MET231 Laboratory

The laboratory class will meet this week in MI 124. Make a copy ofthis laboratory handout. During the lecture presentation, identify the phases and microstructural features discussed in each sample displayed. Return this lab handout to the instructor at the endof class.

Take the “Steel Vocabulary Quiz” Before Coming to this Lab
If you want to be picked on during class then don’t read pages 277 through 290 in your text book[1] and then don’t takethe “Steel Vocabulary Quiz” found in the set of Virtual lab quizzes on the class WebCT homepage.

Today’s laboratory will consist of a discussion of some of the microstructuresfeatures present in steel and nonferrous alloys. How the microstructure is modified by thermal processing (heat treatment) is part of this experience. A LECO video projection microscope will be usedto present alloy microstructures. The alloys selected are presented in Table I.

Table I. Summary of specimens prepared for viewing from the Metallurgy Department’s metallography samplecollection. The listing is in the order of presentation. Composition is weight percent unless otherwise specified.

|Sample |Description|
|D64 |SAE 1010, as received, fine grain |
|D74|SAE 1035 |
|D29 |SAE 1045,Annealed from 1800 °F |
|D84 |SAE 1070 |
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