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  • Publicado : 21 de março de 2013
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Marilia Santi
Reading and Writing
ELS – 109

Medicine Against Overpopulation: How Can We Save Lives by Saving the World?

DuringThe World War II, many countries had to develop the sectors of steel industry, technology, and medicine. The medicine reached their peak of development in that period. It has created thecontraceptives, antibiotics, transplant of organs, and vaccination. The huge improvement of medicine affected the birth rate and mortality rate, which means that less people born and less people dying. However,contraceptives still not one hundred percent guarantee of preventing pregnancy. Statistics show that in 1999, during the Second World War, the world population was limited into 6 billion people.After the technological development, in 2011 the world population is 7 billion people. Medicine has evolved so much since that time that people who should have died, lives on basis of drugs, whichmeans that are more people in the world that should have. The overpopulation problem will persist until the medicine has another goal, because the aim of finding a cure for all possible types of diseasesin humans and animals will only increase the problem of population above. Moreover, the overpopulation problem involves many others factors as: air pollution, land pollution because of the inorganicfood, water pollution, and space. People are living in dangerous areas like places with high radiation rate, or near volcanoes and as a result, residents’ health is affected. In addition, a largequantity of money has been spent in researches and formulas that it could be used to develop other sectors. All these problems are asking for quick and effective solutions.

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Solution: Ending the search for new cures and focus on finding more effective remedies, because many people started to take something that has to be taken for life.

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