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Lesson 115
To Follow – Follow means to pursue or come after in sequence or direction. An example of to follow is a policeman chasing after a potential criminal. An example of to follow is achild to enter her school room right after her best friend.
To Fly- Fly means to move through the air, often with wings. An example of fly is for a plane to soar through the sky. A fly is an insectthat soars through the air and has transparent wings. An example of fly is a bug that gathers around old food. A fly is a flap of cloth in a garment that hides the closure like a zipper or buttons. Anexample of a fly is the flap in the front of jeans that covers the zipper.
To cancel- To cancel means to delete or make invalid. An example of to cancel is someone telling their grocery deliverythey no longer want their services.
To Shout-A shout is a loud call. An example of shout is loudly calling for a friend across the street.
Flight-Flight is the act of flying orleaving. An example of flight is a bird in the sky.An example of a flight is traveling by airplane from New York to California.An example of flight is running away from a burning building.
Passenger- a persontraveling in a train, bus, boat, automobile, etc., esp. one not involved in operating the conveyance
Darling-Darling is a term of endearment used for a charming or beloved person. A example of darlingis a term used for your lovely wife.Darling describes someone or something that is cute or someone that is loved.(adjective)An attractive little house is an example of something that might bedescribed as a darling house.
Honey-Honey is the sweet syrupy substance made by bees from flower nectar, or a term of endearment. An example of honey is the liquid many people use to sweeten their tea.Honeydescribes something sweet or sticky. (adjective)An example of a honey consistency is brown rice syrup.
Sweetheart- Sweetheart is a term for someone who is loved. An example of sweetheart is what...