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Leonardo Assante Guazzelli Student Number: 21151637

Final Assignment

Business and Management - Foundation Degree Principles of Marketing

Tutor: Paul Carless University of West London

07 December 2011

Task 03 - Workshop: “Understanding all our customers – How it can increase sales”. Due to a lack of knowledge about consumer behaviour for part of the managers at Thammy Limited, aworkshop will be presented in this report for those administrators to obtain a better understanding of the theories of consumer behaviour and a greater understanding of customers / marketoriented. After this workshop we hope to get an effective increase in sales of Thammy Limited. Begin this workshop with important information about consumer behavior, then understanding who will be the buyer of theproducts Tammy Limited and how can we reach these buyers to be most successful in sales. As reported earlier, to be able to increase sales of Tammy Limited, we will need two pieces of information critical. • • Knowing more about this buyer. Understanding the factors of choice.

How is it possible? The most important way to get this information is through an investigation of consumer behaviour.Kotler (2000) believes that the starting point for understanding the customer follows the flow stimulus. Culture and desires are the main reasons that influence purchase decisions. Culture creates values, perceptions, preferences and social behaviour. Within culture, we need information ranging from citizenship, religion, ethnicity and gender in the region where the buyer lives. With all thisinformation we will have a complete set of customer’s Tammy Limited and therefore define a successful marketing strategy. Tammy is a children's market dealing with children's clothing and footwear, but they do not only deal with children who will wear these products. They are dealing directly with the people who will determine the purchase of these products. In the case of Tammy Limited, for example,the decision of purchase is actually made by the parents of these children and in most cases by the mothers. It is also important to know that the family structure has changed significantly each year. This kind of information is important to Market towards women, because we know it exists that woman are the head of the family, either because they live alone with their children, or because theyoccupy positions in the labour market where its salary is higher than the man. On the same side, children are also potential consumers and products are created every day for this purpose. The children's consumer behavior, such as the study of Carlson, Grossbart, and Walsh (1990) found that the communication between mothers and children, the role of television and socialization of children alsoinfluence the process of buying a product targeted to that market.

According to Kotler (2000, pp. 33) "... professionals of marketing, along with other influences of society, have the ability to influence more wishes ...". Since childhood, people have desires and somehow try to satisfy them. The marketing works these needs, wishes and demands of a specific target market (Kotler, 2000). "Being aconsumer is a human being. Being consumer is to feed, dress up and have fun." (Karsaklian, 2000 pp. 11). For a customer to buy the Tammy's products, the individual must be motivated to meet a need (dress up) that comes through a wish that makes the client go in search of a product according to their preferences. As we are currently in a period of economic rescession, the Tammy Limited must attract thegreatest number of buyers through the policy of cost-effective and value for Money. People are looking for low prices, mainly when the parents are buying products for their children. According to Karsaklian (2000) the theory of rational economic vision is supported by a cost benefit (greatest benefit with the lowest cost). Decision-making process As stated earlier in this report, the family...