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1. Title: Toddy chocolate Powder

2. Background Research:
Toddy was established in 1930 by Puerto Rican Pedro Erasmo Santiago.On March 15, 1933, Pedro Erasmo Santiago got licensed by the provisorygovernment of Getúlio Vargas to commercialize the product in Brazil. He innovated in advertising campaigns even though contracting airplanes to write the name of the product with smoke in skies ofRio de JaneiroReason for research.
This paper aims to improve the knowledge of the powdered chocolate market, focused on the marketing international students on TAFE behavior about making choices for adefinitive powdered chocolate brand. This study presents the results of a theoretical research of consumer behavior in the concurred powdered chocolate market and a practical and qualitative researchthat objectives obtain data to able an initial understanding about the behavior based in choices and being the support to the qualitative research.

Consumer’s Behavior; Market Research;Marketing Strategies; Powdered Chocolate Market.

3. Objectives:
The overall objectives is discover how many Australian student, in Sydney Ultimo, TAFE, semester 1 2012, would like to replace thechocolate powder in their meals with Toddy. This information will be important and essential to know if possible to stock Toddy chocolate powder in all point of sale (POS) as supermarket, conveniencestore and etc.
This has been broken into the following sub-objectives:
What prefers chocolate powder of students in Australia?
Is possible to sell this new product on TAFE canteen?
The marketinginternational student will accept a new brand of chocolate powder?
4. Methodology
Primary Research
I am going to do survey, focus group to improve my research.
I will distribute 20 questionnairesfor marketing international students at 12:00 on 27 March 2012, in room X Ultimo Tafe, Thomas St, Sydney (Copy of survey attached).
I choose Convenience sampling, in wich researches control sampling...
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