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Prosjektoppgave - Markedskommunikasjon

ved Handelshøyskolen BI

- Marked Positionering, NATURA -

MRK 35101 – Markedskommunikasjon


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BI Nettstudiet


1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Strategy


4. Marketing

Direct sales

5. Innovation
6. Culture
7. Business Behaviour

Hvilket/hvilke kommunikasjonsmål mener dere avsenderen har?

Hva slags type segmentering mener dere avsenderen har foretatt og hvilken profil harmålgruppen/målgruppene som kommunikasjonen er rettet mot? Hvilken/hvilke posisjoneringsstrategi/ posisjoneringsstrategier understøttes av markedskommunikasjonen?

Hva slags budskapsappeller benyttes?

Hvilke elementer i kommunikasjonsmiksen (POP, salgsfremming, reklame, osv.) benyttes?

Hvilke mediemål mener dere er viktigst for denne markedskommunikasjonen? I hvilken grad og påhvilken/hvilke måte/måter er markedskommunikasjonen integrert?

Hvilken/hvilke holdningsmodell/holdningsmodeller kan forklare hvordan markedskommunikasjonen virker (f. eks fører til økt salg, større oppmerksomhet etc.)?


1. Introduction
The purpose of this assignment is to present a study of the brand positioning and market communication strategy in “NATURA” (segment ofcosmetic anti-aging for women).

2. Background

”Natura” is a brand of Brazilian origin which is established in seven countries of Latin America and in France. In Brazil, they are the industry leader in the cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries, as well as in the direct selling industry.

Since 2004, Natura are a publicly traded company with shares listed on the “Novo Mercado”,the highest level of corporate governance Stock Exchange (Bovespa).

In the late 90s the growth cycle of the company was running out. In 1999 the sales were falling and the company noted it needed to innovate. According to the company public reports, all profits were redirected to develop new operating systems, information and planning, and revitalize the product line with new technology.The values ​​and vision of the company had to be strengthened to become more aware of their social responsibilities.

3. Strategy
Thus, in 2000, before the phase of changes, investments and innovations, the company underwent a branding redesign and along with the launches of the Ekos and Chronos lines, Natura released its new logo winning signature “Welfare Well”.

According tothe press office, the company's new logo takes into account four fundamental values​​: humanism, balance, transparency, creativity.
The personality of classic, elegant, active, updated, intellectual, mature, discerning, balanced, bold and sophisticated. And the ideal image Natura has the following characteristics:
• Uncompromising quality of products;
• Advancedtechnology;
• Natural ingredients from renewable sources;
• Reusable packaging;
• Company's concern with the client;
• Well trained consultants;
• Respect for the diversity of the Brazilian people;
• Do not use any promises you can not fulfil.

Figure 1 shows the logo of the old and new logo Natura:

Old logoNew logo

4. Concurrence
There has been made a available a research on Natura’s website: - that was answered by 258 women aged between 26 and 40 years and residing in Brazil south. The research aimed attributes such as quality, reliability, benefits, price, social and environmental concern....