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Operating Instructions and Alignment Handbook

Dear Customer, If you have any suggestions for improvement or corrections (not only to this manual, but also to software or hardware), please drop us a line! We would be glad to make improvements wherever possible. We look forward to hearing from you! PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems Documentation Department Fax (+49)89-99616-200 eMail:

OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 07.2002

EDITION July 2002 ALI 9.560G, Firmware version 1.2x


Different markets, different OPTALIGNs
Please note that the components and functional capabilities of your particular instrument may vary from those described in this manual. See your original price quotation and packing slip for definitiveinformation regarding your particular system, or ask your local PRÜFTECHNIK dealer for further details. Depending upon the characteristics of your particular instrument, it may be possible to upgrade to include the latest features. Contact your local PRÜFTECHNIK dealer for more information.

OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 07.2002

iii Foreword

Congratulations and thank youfor your decision to entrust the shaft alignment of your machines to OPTALIGN PLUS! This all-new system represents over a decade of experience by the pioneers in laser shaft alignment. Thanks to invaluable feedback received over the years from laser alignment customers such as yourself, all components of OPTALIGN PLUS have been designed from the ground up to include the features you want andneed, such as: § Enhanced measurement flexibility thanks to new measuring modes: - with minimum shaft rotation - with continuous shaft rotation - at freely selectable measurement positions § Elimination of coupling backlash effects § Graphic indication of compliance with alignment tolerances § Even easier keyboard operation § PC/printer interface § Auxiliary battery for back-up power supply §Extended battery life management § Non-volatile measurement storage § Job set-up, transfer and storage on PC Of course, the new system also offers the complete range of features that have made OPTALIGN the leading choice of shaft alignment experts around the world. Special situations like 6-feet machines, spacer shaft couplings, vertical machines and thermal growth can all be handled with ease.And the complete range of OPTALIGN accessories remains available to adapt the new system to nearly any machine/coupling configuration you might encounter. However, alignment needs do continue to change along with machine designs and operating practices, so please share your expertise with us! As in the past, your own experience will most assuredly play a decisive role in the development offuture alignment systems. You can learn quite a great deal by simply taking the equipment out of its case and working your way through this manual. To learn all the capabilities of your new OPTALIGN PLUS and many of the finer points of shaft alignment in general, contact your local PRÜFTECHNIK agent to register for an in-depth alignment training course. If you are like most alignmentprofessionals, you will find it a few days well spent. Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your vote of confidence in OPTALIGN PLUS and for joining us in the continued commitment to alignment excellence. July 2002 PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems Ismaning, Germany

OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 07.2002

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OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 07.2002 1-1 Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter includes general information regarding the OPTALIGN PLUS system and its operation including, in particular, the intended use and safety information.

Chapter 1: Introduction .................................................. 1-1

The OPTALIGN PLUS package ............................................ 1-2 Before you start......
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