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Public Transport Stop Graphical Editing
A public transport stop can be created using the Public Transport Stop Tool. To do it, single click on the tool and then press on the section where thepublic transport stop is to be located in a 2D view. 106

Figure 95 Public transport Stop Tool

If all the public transport stops’ labels (ID and name) should be shown in a 2D View, select the ShowLabel option found in the public transport stop’s context menu of any public transport stop.
Once the public transport stop is located on a section it can be translated to any position along thesection by selecting and dragging it using the mouse. A public transport stop occupies a single section lane. To change the lane it occupies, select it and drag it to the desired lane.
To change thelength of a public transport stop, select it, click on the front or back point and drag the point to adapt the public transport stop’s length to the desired one.

Figure 96 Public Transport Stopselected: points circled in red change Stop length

11.8 Public transport Stop Editor
Double-click on the desired public transport stop to open its editor. 107

Figure 97 Public transport Stop EditorUsing this editor the public transport stop can be renamed. Note that this option is also available opening the public transport stop’s context menu, Rename command.
There are three types ofpublic transport stops:
 Normal public transport stops are those that occupy a certain lane length.
 Bays are those public transport stops located at one side of the section so that publictransport vehicles stopped within the bay do not cause an obstruction within the section.
 Terminals are a model for public transport stations with a certain capacity for a given number of vehicles.

Alist of all the public transport lines using the public transport stop is also shown in the editor. Refer to the Public Transport section for information on defining public transport lines and more...
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