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Live Tank Circuit Breakers Buyer’s Guide

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Introduction Explanations Puffer, Auto-Puffer™ Design features and advantages: LTB circuit breaker family HPL circuit breaker family BLK operating mechanism BLG operating mechanism FSA1 operating mechanism MD Motor Drive operating mechanism

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Technical information

Technicalcatalogues LTB circuit breaker family HPL circuit breaker family BLK operating mechanism BLG operating mechanism FSA1 operating mechanism MD Motor Drive operating mechanism Optional for special applications: Composite Insulators Controlled Switching Monitoring Seismic withstand capability Quality control and testing Inquiry data 108 110 116 120 122 124 46 66 81 89 97 106

2 Product information |ABB Live Tank Circuit Breakers — Buyer´s Guide

Exceeding Customer Expectations — ABB Live Tank Circuit Breakers
ABB has over a century of experience in developing, testing and manufacturing high voltage circuit breakers. Through the years, our circuit breakers have acquired a reputation for high reliability and long life in all climates and in all parts of the world. ABB is currentlyintroducing the future technology for high voltage circuit breakers. Our design work with constant improvements and simplification of our products have resulted in; 550 kV circuit breakers without grading capacitors; the Motor Drive with a servo motor system that accurately controls and monitors the contact operation and the LTB D circuit breakers with FSA1 that provide fast and simple installation at site.Our development program is strongly focused on providing added value for our customers. Our apparatus are manufactured in a workshop where we continuously are working with improvements regarding quality, work environment, environment and safety.

Product range


Maximum rated voltage (kV)

Maximum rated current (A) 3150 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000 4000

Maximum rated breaking current(kA) 40 50 50 50 63 63 63

Circuit Breaker LTB SF 6 Auto-Puffer™ interrupter design Spring or Motor Drive operating mechanism(s) Circuit Breaker HPL SF 6 puffer interrupter design Spring operating mechanism(s) Controlled Switching Condition Monitoring

LTB D1/B LTB E1 LTB E2 LTB E4 HPL B1 HPL B2 HPL B4 Switchsync™ OLM2

170 245 550 800 300 550 800

Other data and/or special applicationsnot covered in this Buyer’s Guide will be quoted on request.

For information on Configurable Switchgear Solutions with LTB and HPL SF6 Circuit Breakers – (i.e. Withdrawable Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting Circuit Breakers and Line Entrance Modules), please see separate brochures. Catalogue publication 1HSM 9543 21-02. See specially Buyer’s and Application Guide, Compact air insulated HVswitchgear solutions with Disconnecting Circuit Breaker. Catalogue publication 1HSM 9543 23-03en. Further information about controlled switching applications and Switchsync™ controllers is found in Controlled Switching, Buyer’s Guide/Application Guide. Catalogue publication 1HSM 9543 22-01en.

ABB Live Tank Circuit Breakers — Buyer´s Guide | Product information 3


Technicalspecifications - General
Standard/Customer specification There are international and national standards, as well as customer specifications. ABB High Voltage Products can meet most requirements, as long as we are aware of them. When in doubt, please enclose a copy of your specifications with the inquiry. Tests Type tests (design tests) and routine tests (production tests) are required by standards. - Typetests Type tests are performed only once on one representative test object in accordance with applicable standards and are not repeated without extra charge. The purpose of the type tests is to verify the ratings of the design. - Routine tests Routine tests are performed on each circuit breaker before delivery in accordance with applicable standards. The purpose of the routine tests is to verify...