Love like this

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Love Like This

© 2007 by Sylvia Hubbard

All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter 1 When the sound of her snoring filled the room, Ethan thought it safe to get out of the bed. Lynne was a hard sleeper and he knew the workout he had given her would most definitely put her out until the early morning lights when she would be craving for more. Picking up the two condoms he had used, he dumped them in the garbage. The sluthadn't even notice he'd faked an orgasm. He'd been doing this for the past three times they had intercourse. He was trying to be the unsuspecting husband, but it was difficult when the stupid cunt didn't even make an effort anymore to hide her infidelity from him. She just thought he was downright stupid. Three lovers he'd found already and he worried there were more of them well placed with easyaccess to her open arms. Staring down at her, he felt an inclination to kill her. He could take the thick king size pillow and cover her face up so she would never utter another word again and never enjoy being in the arms of another man. The lying stupid cunt. Damn! Why did she have to be his wife? Crossing the large bedroom, furnished in black wood and purple - his favorite colors - he picked upher purse and opened the organizer. Did she purposely write in her lover's appointment times knowing he could look, or did she think he was just too stupid to look? Either way, he had found out about the many lovers of Lynne Gray-Black about two months ago or the thought of her sleeping with other men didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. He had never loved her in the beginning. Shewas just something to do, but when she became pregnant three years ago, he was honorable man and married her. She lost the baby in its eighth month when she decided to get drunk and crash a brand new Mercedes into a tree at eighty miles and hour. The doctor said the little boy was practically ripped out the placenta and the cord around his neck choked him to death. His son had never had a chance andnow Ethan wasn't going to give Lynne a chance. He would find something to hurt her just like she was hurting him. Flipping through her organizer he found the address he needed and quickly wrote it down. Nanna Gray lived on the west side of town. He knew she owned a Laundromat, which was being run by a stepson, Marvin Clark. Nanna was old and sick from a recent stroke and she was basically homebound for the rest of her life, but she depended upon Marvin to keep her business going. Ethan had hired a detective to investigate Lynne's past and he had found out a great deal of information on his wife. Nanna had had two daughters, Ecole and Lynne who were twins. Ecole had been a very bright child, while Lynne was lazy and slow. Ecole had graduated four years early from middle school andcompleted high school in a year then went on to college. She married at the age of sixteen to Marvin Clark, but then she died having a child at the age


of seventeen. Marvin was only eighteen and since he had no other family he stayed with Nanna to help her with the business. Although from the reports, he was more like Lynne very lazy, but Nanna had no one else to help her.Meanwhile, at the age of thirteen, Ethan found out that Lynne had a daughter out of wedlock. No one was sure who the father was, but Lynne didn't care about the child. Nanna ordered Lynne to have the child and give the parental rights to Nanna. Lynne obeyed, but soon after the child was born, Lynne left the house for New York to pursue a modeling career. Ethan had found her there when he had attended...