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Brazilian Grill Restaurant
Our intention in relation to trade is to simply create a restaurant style American bar, but with refinements totally Brazilian and Brazilians also clear, dishes well,actually the only name we can call American and style.
We will put this restaurant that’s more refined and elegant for all who enter it, really enjoy the look and especially the food that is the maintarget we’ll focus mainly on barbecue, or rodizio meats and the famous self-service, serve lunches daily, deliveries at home, dishes, all kind of meat, and of course all kinds of drinks, juices and softdrinks. We also, as we have a great space in a small part put the bar with a balcony with chairs, tables and of course some on the other side of the bar will have a much larger space where you’ll findthe main restaurant where we will have several tables and in the background a beautiful scene of concerts, everything good that a nice restaurant can offer to customers who are the main targets ofour business. Speaking of customers, we have areas where smoking is completely isolated from those who don’t smoke.
As previously stated our strong point is the restaurant’s beef barbecue, we focus onthis point because it’s an area where we all enjoy good meals and if we have to have an environment in perfect condition, a nice treatment of our employees with clients we’ll super dedicated and withall respect and dedication that all may have.
We will give specialized training to our staff
* Organization Department of food e Beverage
The habit of frequenting restaurants occupies people’slives for decades and the rapid evolution of different types of restaurants has given rise to the need for very strict administration and based controls, insofar as the sector envolves, grows alsoit’s management structure and the need for increasing specialized professionals, as well as an increase of functions within their chart.
For an administration that has been profitable is necessary to...
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