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Sobre o autor:
Luis Fernando Verissimo was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on September 26, 1936 and is the son of writer Erico Verissimo also.
He lived most of his childhood and adolescence in theUnited States because his father was a teacher at UC Berkeley and director of the Pan American Union in Wasington. During this period Verissimo developed a passion for jazz and from there started playingsaxophone, then het is also linked to music. his love of writing began their fourteen, when he along with his sister Clarisssa, and a cousin did a newspaper talking about news of his family, thisnewspaper was hung in the bathroom and was called “”
Verissimo has many talents, for example, he is a writer, journalist, humorist, columnist Brazilian cartoonist, translator, playwright, and musician.Sobre o livro:
in “O Opositor”, Verissimo brings a journalist from St. Paul, sent to Manaus for a story on hallucinogenic herbs, walks into a pub and is approached by a tall man with red face thatsays: "There are 21 ways to kill someone with only hands. I know all "(p. 10).
The first impression is that it's just one of those annoying drunks who just want to drink the expense of others, but he hasan extraordinary story to tell. The man is Jósef the missile. At the bar is known for Polish. His story is about a mission he received from Meierhoff Group, formed by four organizations that controlthe world and they own 73% of the Earth's riches. The mission was to kill the repentant Dr. Curtis, creator of a virus spread in Congo, which should contain the population growth, exterminating breedsunnecessary, the miserable and superfluous mouths.
O Opositor seems to gather various pieces of mysteries, conspiracies and urban legends spread by mystics internet. Verissimo joins theories aboutthe origin of AIDS, the thumb of Fra Angelico and the drawings on the floor of Chartres Cathedral to build a web of murder and international intrigue
And it is basically about what counts the book....
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