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  • Publicado : 25 de março de 2013
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This works with all consumables and stones. This will not work on armor, weapons, or rings. Credit to Loscycos from the Asian server for this discovery.

What this means....

-This will make theplatinum much easier when the servers close and you can't use a duping buddy.

-Since you can self dupe demon's souls, fewer playthroughs required for the platinum.

-Farming time is drasticallyreduced. Pure stones will still need to be found, but you can make 99 copies of them in 20 seconds. The time needed to farm all other stones will be greatly cut since they can be duped just as quickly.-Souls can be duped, meaning quick leveling up. Take a legendary soul from 3-1, dupe 99 of them, level up, profit! Even better with a Beast Demon's Soul. Or if you wanna play it super safe, justlevel up with 99 soldier's soul (after duping) you can find in the Nexus immediately after you beat 1-1.

-No farming for sticky white stuff, black turpentine, new or dark moon grass, old spice,etc. All rare consumables can be easily duped.

-Much easier to manipulate world tendency by yourself since you can dupe stones of Ephemeral eyes.


1. Take all the items you want to dupefrom Thomas. Make sure he has none of that item in his inventory. The glitch is caused by Thomas not having any of the items in his inventory.

2. Either hotkey a shard of archstone or have theEvacuate spell ready to go.

3. Talk to Boldwin, select an item to buy, have it on the screen that says how many of that item you want to buy.

4. Walk away. Boldwin will start to say "What's thehurry? Where you off to? Haven't you any manners?"

5. In the middle of Boldwin's dialogue, spam the button where you have shard of archstone or Evacuate hotkeyed.

6. When the option to return tothe Nexus comes up, push start to remove that screen. Do not select yes or no. Simply push start to get rid of that screen.

7. Deposit the item to Thomas you want to dupe. Exit out of this screen...
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