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  • Publicado : 21 de abril de 2012
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Oscar J. Miranda
JOU 1100 MWF
Art at its best was the constant last Wednesday in room 5209 of Miami Dade College North Campus, wheremore than 60 students enjoyed the performance of cellist Anna Maria Litvinenko.
Litvinenko, an 18 year-old student of the New World School of the Arts,has been trained and raised in music by her parents since she was five. She made her debut as a soloist at the age of ten playing Haydn’s Cello Concerto in Cmajor with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony Orchestra
Isabella del Pino, a Miami Dade Teacher, introduced the artist and said that Litvinenko was atremendous talented soloist.
“But I’m too biased,” del Pino said. “Ana is my second favorite 18 year-old after my daughter.”
On this day, the artist played fourpieces, one solo and the other ones accompanied on the piano by her mother Sahily Canovas.
Del Pino’s introduction fell short to the actual thing, asLitvininko’s performance went beyond the fact of the music and became a total display.
Right before starting to play, she will take a 10 second period toconcentrate. When she opened her eyes every trace of the shy and nervous teenager was wiped of her face. It was as if she had gone through a metamorphosis and heronly matter in this world was playing to us.
This persona that she embraces on stage brought passion and fire to the pieces. Every change in her face andmotions of her head was in sync with her music. By just listening, you would lose the performance in itself; you had to be looking at her as a show.
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