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* In June 2008, 1,5 year after becoming CEO, Dan Nye announced that a new funding round had given the company 1 bi valuation. As a result, Nye now had ample resources to put towardaccelerating his company’s already phenomenal growth.
Online Network Communities
* Social Network Service (SNS): Online community that allowed users to construct a profile, to create a personalnetwork that consisted of other users of SNS. They were mostly free. Some of them had Premiums memberships which were charged.
Professional Networks
* Professional Network Service (PNS): A PNS builtaround business rather than personal relationship. There are types of medias, like magazines, to mass public and business public, so, it would work similarly to web 2.0.


* It wascreated in 2002 by Hoffman and a few colleagues. It received investments by angel investors and venture firms. In 2008 LinkedIn was the largest PNS in the world.
* Outlook: “It´s a productivitytool used for professional people search, reference checking, recruiting, finding experts and getting expert advice and work group collaboration.
* LinkedIn is where you present your professionalself on the internet, without being promotional or solicit.
* Separate professional and personal life.
* There is no fake profile.
* LinkedIn’s original core service involved enabling toconduct internet-based networking.
* A Key service that LinkedIn provided to user was the ability to find, and potentially contact, any other member.
* In contrast to others SNS, LinkedIndecided to keep its site relatively simple and its user interface largely free of nonprofessional information.
* Features :
* Request (you can either accept or deny a request)
*Professional-looking head picture
* News feed
* Customizable modules
* Status
* Company Groups
* Mobile Internet Service

* Business Model:
* Break-even...
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