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Módulo Disciplina 3.1 Língua Inglesa II Aula Data Laboratório 4 28/03/12

Professor (a) Me. Sarah Barbieri Vieira

Atividade Extra (Gabarito)

01. Choose the right alternative. 1. They A outfor a meal yesterday. A) came B) had C) went 2. Let’s A) come B) have C) go B a sandwich.

3. I hope my dreams A) come B) have c) go 4. He said he is A) coming B) having C) going C


true.crazy with all that noise.

5. When I travel I always A) come B) make C) take


a lot of photos.

02. Complete the sentences with: some or any. a) Would you like some wine? b) There isn’t anymoney in my pocket. c) Can I have some water, please? d) Are there any tomatoes in the fridge? e) I need to buy some flour to make a cake. 03- Match the sentences. 1. He has a toothache. (E) 2. We eatwith our (A) 3. He used to (B) 4. He is used to (C ) 5. He isn’t sure where to go on vacation. (D) A) mouth B) go to school by bus when he was younger. C) going to school by bus now. D) He might goto the USA. E) He should go to the dentist.

04- Match the sentences. 1. Good morning. Can I help you? ( C) 2. What size are you? (B) 3. Can I try it on? (E) 4. How much is that? (A) 5. Anythingelse? (D) A) B) C) D) E) $35. Medium. I’m looking for a T-shirt. No. That’s all. Thanks. Sure. The dressing room is over there.

05. Change the following sentences into the passive voice. a) Peter buysa lot of books every month. A lot of books are bought by Peter every month. b) Peter bought an interesting book last month. An interesting book was bought by Peter last month. c) John gave her someflowers last night. Some flowers were given to her by John last night. d) They grow sugar cane in Brazil. Sugar cane is grown in Brazil. e) The Chinese invented the gunpowder. The gunpowder wasinvented by the Chinese.

06. Read the text and answer the questions. Use a dictionary if necessary. America´s Worst Food Scares Salmonella. E.coli. Mad cow disease. Beef, spinach, peanut butter. Every...
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