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  • Publicado : 29 de outubro de 2012
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Although we titrated up to 1mg/kg/dose in the original study, we think an more efficient dosing is as follows in our new protocol:

-if subject is more than 20kg,then 20 mg will be given three times a day (60 mg/day). -if subject is between 8kg and 20kg, then 10mg will be given three times a day (30 mg/day).

We get apre-treatment eye exam, hearing exam, baseline CBC, liver and kidney function tests, and one pregnancy test if subject is female of child-bearing age.

We get bloodpressures and vitals before dosing and each half hour for two hours after initial dosing and watch the patients for 1-2 hours after initial dosing.

We think it may takemore than 12 weeks as in our original protocol, instead it may take at least 20 weeks in order to see results.

We would like to get a pre and post MRI to look at thevolume, but we could not afford to do this with every patient in the first study, and it is not necessary.

IF you do try this, please be sure to consult with yourcolleagues who are used to using sildenafil for pulmonary hypertension.

Because the work is so preliminary we are not sure if certain LMs (larger one ones in certainanatomical locations) may respond better than others.

Here is a link to our listing on

Finally, if you try this treatment, please let me know your results.

Thank you so much again! If you have anyfurther questions or if I have inadvertently not answered certain questions, please email me again or give me a ring.

Glenda Swetman, MD