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I'm going to talk about Abraham Lincoln which was an American politician and the 16TH president of the United States.
He was born in 1809 and died in 1865 in Washington, being chairman from 1961until his assassination.
In his youth, his studies restrict themselves to know how to read, write and do the only the basic accounts. Lincoln, after a few jobs, was elected as a member of Illinoisfrom 1834 to 1840 and member of the Senate from 1844 to 1848.

During his term in the House, he began to study law and completed his training. His activity as a lawyer has become the well knownthroughout the Illinois and from 1847 to 1849 he served in congress, where he became unpopular because of the opposition to president James Polk Award, blaming him for the war with Mexico.

A suddenchange in national policy in relation to slavery brought Lincoln back to policy. He has become a figure of national prominence, thus enabling its candidacy for the presidency in 1860, having state thisperformance also related, with the foundation of the republican party of the United States in 1854.

In 1860, the house republican presented them as candidate for the presidency of the nation andwas elected. Many leaders of the south had threatened to withdraw their states of the federation if Lincoln won the election. When he won 11 states of the south took then forming the Confederate Statesof America.

Lincoln has increased the army beyond the limits imposed by law and, after losing the first battles, eventually winning the war,which lasted 4 years and died 600 thousand people. In 1862 he published the proclamation that he granted freedom to slaves from it, and there was abolition of slavery throughout the country, in 1865. In1864, Lincoln was again elected. Lincoln was assassinated by John Booth that had originated a plan to kidnap Lincoln in exchange for the release of prisoners confederates. But after witnessing a...