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PT-FW430 Series
LCD Projectors


Long-Lasting Brightness and Excellent Cost Savings

Durable Performance
The Panasonic PT-FW430 Series boasts high performance with minimal maintenance over time. Its highly reliable optical system and dust-resistant structure provide a long operating life. Advanced Panasonic technologies, such as Daylight View Premium, ensureexcellent projected images. The PT-FW430 Series models are equipped with many ecology-conscious features, starting with Eco Management functions that reduce wasteful power consumption. These high-quality projectors also support wireless projection from not only PCs but also iPads and other devices for easy use (optional).* 1 Superb installation flexibility, thanks to the 2x zoom lens andhorizontal/vertical lens shift, also makes the PT-FW430 Series ideal for both first-time installation and as replacement units.



3,500 lm


Side-by-Side Wireless Function


4,000 lm


Wireless Function


* 1 The optional Wireless Module E T-WM200E is required.

Reliability and Easy Maintenance
6,000-Hour Lamp Replacement Cycle * 2An original lamp drive system and a more durable new lamp unit help maintain optimal lamp performance for longer-lasting brightness than predecessor models. 3 This * has resulted in a 6,000-hour lamp replacement cycle. formance. The intake and exhaust airflow paths are straight, and the intake airflow path is provided with a new Eco Filter unit to guard the optical components from dust. Thisdust-resistant design keeps the air inside the projector clean for long periods of time and minimi es brightness degradation. The Eco Filter’s long replacement cycle* 4 of 12,000 hours reduces the hassle of maintenance. And, as an environmental consideration, the filter can be washed with water and reused. 5 *

Dust-Resistant Design and an Eco Filter that Needs No Replacement for 12,000 Hours
Extremecare has been taken in designing the dust-resistant structure inside the PT-FW430 Series cabinet. The lens section, where dust enters, has been protected and separated from the optical block, which is the heart of the projector. Integrated molding of internal cabinet parts has also been increased to further improve sealing perThe Eco Filter consists of two Micro Cut Filters (electrostaticfilters), a pre-filter and a main filter, which use an ion effect to collect extremely small dust particles. The pre-filter has a honeycomb configuration and the main filter is pleated to achieve a large surface area that raises its dust collecting performance. Thanks to these features, the Eco Filter has a replacement cycle of 12,000 hours. Main filter

Inorganic Materials Maintain Image QualityLonger
The PT-FW430 Series projectors’ optical block maintains a high level of performance over time, due to the use of inorganic materials in the Inorganic Polarisers LCD panels and polarisers, thus achieving a replacement From the lamp cycle of 12,000 hours. It also makes them the logical choice for a truly dependable Inorganic LCD Panels To the screen LCD projector system.


Superband Ecological Performance
Detail Clarity Processor 3 Brings Depth and Clarity to Details
The frequency of the video signal is analysed for each scene, and distribution data is extracted for the ultra high, high, medium and low-range frequencies. This unique Panasonic image correction circuit optimally enhances each area of the screen. High-precision detection is applied from 2-dimensionalhorizontal/vertical data to produce more natural, lifelike images with high definition. according to the surroundings. This adjustment function also works together with the Detail Clarity Processor 3 to enhance the realism and vividness of projected images. This makes images easier to view and offers high contrast.

Eco Management Functions
A number of functions are provided to reduce power...
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