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0000001 - LOTS of clay (20ish), hills and islands of sand.
1 - Start near a beach, flat rolling hills. Mushroom patch and lakes near spawn, some islands. Good place to start.
2 - Large rolling hills and cliffs, some sand. Not much water in sight.
3 - Mostly tundra, and frozen over water, large hills. Cave near spawn, fairly large
4 - Large sandy cliffs. Some cliffs are grassy. Spawnon cliff, overlooking (sea?) or large lake.
5 - Very sandy. HUGE connecting sand cliffs reinforced with stone. Large sand caverns with some mushrooms.
6 - Spawn near a lake in sand. Small hills. Abundant trees.
73 - Tropical rain forest at spawn, underground tree!
404 - Holy shit cave under a gravel patch.
619 - Spawn near a lot of clay and trees. Lava under clay
638 - Grassy hills, smallgrass cliff near spawn with 2 lakes.
789 - Spawn in large-ish lake sandy with green patches. 1 Mushroom found near spawn.
2039 - Normal map, one hill has a very odd multi-level cave with abundant mushrooms.
2740 - Low leveled islands, pumpkins on spawn island, huge drop off with waterfall and iron, probably connecting to a cave system.
3621 - Grassy "valley" near spawn.
10935 - Large mountainswith exposed cave systems. Lots of clay. (10?)
11743 - Lots of clay, dungeons, caves spawn: X: 32,5 Y: 65,6 Z:-2,8
432836 - Can be hilly grass, or extreme overhanging connecting caves, normally the flat one.
1001001 - Rock exposed (looks like a lot of TNT went off.) exposed iron/coal.
2232011 - Grassy plains as far as the eye can see. Large lake, has reeds and clay near it.
3256833 - Flat,remote islands. hard to get stuff, natural 4 high reeds near spawn.
10110101 - Triple overhang somewhere near spawn.
20000145610 - Spawn in/near a lava lake next to a underground lake.
555555555 - Hilly, with lots of trees.
666666666 - General island/map.
888888888 - Hilly tundra/plains. Some caves exposed.
7708680168343977311 - HUGE inland lake surrounded by sandy beaches on one side, aforest on the other, and a MASSIVE mountain in between.
101010100101010101010100101 - Flat sandy hills.
-1623774494 - Spawn is usually inside a huge cave. When you leave the cave, you'll enter a valley surrounded by huge mountains and cliffs.
1920120023 - Extremely high amount of mushrooms near spawn. Large-ish hills.
01161410710314 - Spawn in sandy valley between two hills just off a beach...lots of large mountainous islands with tree covered hillsides and intersecting waterways... lots of above and underground lakes... found quite a few caves with openings at the surface
3502406293916637309 - Fairly cool world, nothing too special apart from an exposed dungeon and a massive cave. (confirm dungeon)
-2448634322660443413 - Full of huge mountains, floating islands, caverns, and otheramazing formations. It has an abundance of unusual, perfectly flat, vertical surfaces.
-1784338777788894343 - Floating mountains, natural forest fires, and lots of pumpkins
555666777888999 - Hilly, caves, trees
27 - Mountain with lots of caves.
666 - Large desert
2484616403790488353 - Dull grass, chunks of stone.
999999999999999999 - Creates a medium island with some cliffs, small floatingisland around and nearby is an other island that is half covered with sand there seem to be natural treeehouses
31415926535897932384626433 - Near some lava, random pi shaped clouds reported xD
654 - A desert surrounded by mountains on 3/4 of the sides and a coast on one side
4335 - A small flat island surrounded by family of squid
6570608 - a large sand mountain land about 30 blocks large 3/4of it is sand mountains the other part is costal with 3 squid
3914335 - spawned at a bay but around it at a lush forest and flat land not to far from spawn
9955678 -a vast valley behind spawn with many caves and monster spawners not to deep in most caves.

Mojang - Massive desert.
Leave blank (Thats the actual name) - Large above ground cave
Iron Man - Gigantic desert that goes from...