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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2013
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10W Epistar 45mil Chip High Power LED
White:LEDE-P10B-DH-White Warm White:LEDE-P10B-DWH

● Long operating life ● Highest Luminous flux ● Wide range of colours:2500K-25000K ● Chip size: Epistar 45*45mil ● More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps ● Low voltage DC operated ● Instant light (less than 100ns ) ● Fully dimmable ● No UV ● Superior ESD protection ● RoHScompliant

● Fiber optic alternative/ Decorative / Entertainment ● Mini-accent/Up lighters/Down lighters/Orientation ● Indoor/Outdoor commerclal and Residentlal Architectural ● Cove/Under shelf/Task ● Bollards/Security/Garden ● Portable (flashlight, bicycle) ● Edge-lit signs (Exit, point of sale) ● Automotive Exit (Stop-Tail-Turn,CHMSL, Mirror Side Repeat) ● Traffic signaling /Beacons / Rail-Crossing and Wayside

Edition: V1.0 Date: Jun 2012

10W Epistar Chip High Power LED
Typical Electrical & Optical Characteristics ( Ta = 25℃)
Item Forward Voltage Reverse Current 50% Power Angle Luminous Intensity (White) Recommend Forward Current Chromaticity (White) Chromaticity (Warm White) The sample delivers goods data Item Luminous Intensity 50% Power Angle Forward VoltageChromaticity White Color Region ChromaticityCoordinates Notes: 1.Tolerance of measurement of forward voltage±0.2V. 2.Tolerance of measurement of peak Wavelength±2.0nm. 3.Tolerance of measurement of luminous intensity±15%. X=-Symbol φV 2θ1/2 VF Tc -Y=-IF=1050mA Condition Min. Avg. Max. Unit lm deg v k Symbol VF IR 2θ1/2 φV IF Tc Tc Condition IF=1050mA VR=50V IF=1050mA IF=1050mA -IF=1050mA IF=1050mAMin. 9.6 -110 810 -6000 2700 0.9 Typ. ---Max. 11 80 140 990 -7000 3800 Unit V uA deg lm A k k

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25℃)
Item Forward Current Peak Forward Current* Reverse Voltage Power Dissipation Electrostatic discharge Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Lead Soldering Temperature* Symbol IF IFP VR PD ESD TOPR TSTG TSOL Absolute Maximum Rating 1050 2100 50 10 ±4500 -30~+80-40~+100 Max. 260℃ for 3sec Max. Unit mA mA V W V ℃ ℃

*IFP Conditions:Pulse Width≤10msec duty≤1/10 * All high power emitter LED products mounted on aluminum metal-core printed circuit board, can be lighted directly, but we do not recommend lighting the high power products for more than 5 seconds without a appropriate heat dissipation equipment. *Please don't add or change wires, while LEDS isrunning * The LED of this a series can lead the heat reflux of 250 Celsius degrees Han but be free from damage.

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10W Epistar Chip High Power LED
Typical Electrical/Optical Characteristics Curves (Ta=25° Unless Otherwise Noted)

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10W Epistar Chip High Power LED

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10W Epistar Chip High Power LED
Radiation Pattern

Package Dimensions (unit:mm)

Notes: 1. All dimensions are in millimeters. 2. Tolerance is ±0.25mm unless otherwise noted. 3. Protruded resin under flange is 1.0mm max. 4. Lead spacing is measured where the leads emerge from the package. 5. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Note the use ofhigh-power LED
Product Protection LED is the electrostatic sensitive devices, so the product storage, transportation, application process, paying particular attention to static electricity, electromagnetic waves, and together with the necessary anti-static measures Safety Precautions
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10W Epistar Chip High Power LED
Harmful substances suchdevices include GaAs, GaAs dust and fumes are toxic, this product can not be broken, cutting or grinding, not with chemicals to dissolve. Design and Application 1. in the ratings to be used within the operating LED current limit function of the resistor. How much resistance will have to refer to the specific product specifications required to calculate the rated current plus that. 2. LED to be...
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