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Language is a style of communication that is distinctive of their culture, tradition and backgrounds. A language is said to be foreign if it does not belong to a particularnorm, for instance to an American, French is a foreign langue and vise versa. The importance of foreign language study is numerous. Formerly, in America, there use to be abogus-scientific views regarding foreign or second languages, the views was outright ignorant not to talk of stupid. Then it was believed that taking up a second languagewill monopolize the brain thinking capacity, and so it was believed to be the gift of the mentally gifted. Today the importance of foreign language study has broken theboundaries of ignorance; people have started recognizing the need to learn a foreign language. In 1999 the secretary of education in the United States start off the need toembrace new languages in his very words “We should begin teaching foreign languages in our primary schools, and then in middle school, and high schools”. This declarationinitiates the ground for the discussion about the relevance of learning foreign languages.
Foreign language also helps to break down the walls of hostility and coldness. It shouldtherefore be adopted as an instrument of achieving world peace. If all countries will be like America, encourage all schools to take a step to learn foreign languages, itwill go a long way in enhancing world peace, creates social tolerance, and speeds up prosperity among nations. The world has become a global village, constricted into onesingle small ball that can fit the palm of the hand. In this condition, one cannot but help to be multilingual and take part in enjoying the importance of foreign language study.
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