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Which task must be completed first for a technician to be able to configure power management states usingWindows XP?APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS before ACPIcan be used to configure power.ACPI power management mode must be enabled in the BIOS before Windows XP can be used to configure power management.APM power management mode must bedisabled in the BIOS so that Windows XP can be used to configure power management.All power management settings must be disabled in the BIOS so Windows can be used to manage ACPI.
Whatis the benefit of using CPU throttling in laptops?It reduces the processing time needed by end-user applications.It reduces CPU power consumption and heat production.It reduces theamount of CPU resources needed by system applications.It avoids the need to increase the clock speed of the laptop processor.
What is the major difference between desktop and laptopmotherboards?Desktops use the AT form factor while laptops use the mini or baby AT form factor.Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchangeable whilelaptopmotherboards are proprietary.Desktops have a variety of expansion and RAM slot designs while laptops have standard expansion andRAM slot designs.Currently there is no significantdifference in the motherboard form factors for the desktop and laptop.

Refer to the exhibit. Which two form factors are supported by the devices shown in the graphic? (Choosetwo.)30mm wide34mm wide43mm wide45mm wide54mm wide
What is meant by a laptop device being hot-swappable?The device does not need a driver to interface with the computer OS.The laptopdoes not need to be powered off to install or remove the devi
Qual tarefa deve ser concluída primeiro para configurar os estados de gerenciamento de energia ao usar o Windows XP?