Irmandade djinn

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When everything is wrong, you can no longer endure such a struggle
just wait
then it gets worse
(solo batera)
give me back my brain and takemy body, give back my outrage and we will have a revollution
if you wanted a revolution there is, we will solve everthing in a battle, we'llfight until the sunshine burn your eyes, until you repent
you're not being booked. this just getting your change
I do not want to be hated, justlooking for equality

No guns no strength without shield or amulet, I will face this battle only with my reason
cuz you can take myvoice you can take my body but you never will can take my reason
I'm not a slave to nobody
i know that I lost everything when I fought for myconcepts but now, I back more stronger

(second chorus)
i'm trying to go against
forget the sorrow
but it's soo hard to me
my life has lostmeaning when everything changed
losing my hopes was the only were to drown my sorrows in a letter
I'm trying to pretend that everything is alright,nothing happened, my life still has feeling, not being loved

(ultimo verso)
when I tried to show that I'm not that person who wants to destroyyou I'm not everything you talking about me you didn't care
because you really don't know me, don't know who I am
never inquired how I was, Ionly served when you needed help
and when I charge you what I had done
you just dismissed me, threw me out, locked it and never let me in.
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