Instalacao camera foscam wireless

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Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

Quick Installation Guide-For MAC users
Packing List
1) IP CAMERA X 1 3) DC Power Supply X 1 5) Mounting bracket ×1 2) Wi-Fi Antenna (only available for wireless model) 4) Network Cable X 1 6) CD X 1 (Include user manual、IP camera tool)

7) Quick Installation Guide X 1

Quick Installation Guide Flow Chart
Hardware Installation

Software InstallationLogin the camera

Wireless LAN Settings

DDNS Service Settings

1 Hardware Installation
(1) Open the package


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

Figure 1.0 (2) Connect the Antenna. Screw the antenna to the back of the camera, make it attached well.

Figure 1.1 (3) Plug the network cable and power. Use network cable connects with the camera and your router.Plug in the power. The network light will blink and the camera will pan/tilt. Power light will turn on too.

Figure 1.2


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

2 Software Installation
Please put the small CD in your CD driver of your laptop and find the folder “For MAC”, then open the folder “IP Camera Tool”. Copy the IP camera tool to your MAC and you can use thetool.

3 Login the camera
Dbclick the IP Camera Tool and you could see the following picture.

Figure 1.3 The IP camera tool could find the cam’s IP automatically after you plug the network cable. If not, Please make sure that DHCP is enabled in your router. Don’t enable MAC address filter. Or disable firewall or antivirus to try again. Dbclick the IP address on the IP camera tool and you willenter the login UI.


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

Figure 1.4 Fill in user name and password and choose the second login.

Figure 1.5 The browser will prompt you enter the camera’s user name and password. Please fill in admin and choose Log in. You can see the device status.


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

Figure 1.6 Click LiveVideo. You can see living video.

Figure 1.7

4 Wireless LAN Settings
(1) Please choose Device Management and click Wireless LAN Settings. Then choose Using Wireless LAN. Click Scan button and the camera will detect WIFI device around it. It could also find your router and show it in the list. (Figure 1.9)


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W

Figure 1.8 If thecamera could not find some WIFI device, please click the scan button again. Make sure that the time between the first scan and the second scan is more than 1~2 minute.

Figure 1.9 (2) Click the SSID of your router in the list, the corresponding information (SSID & Encryption) will be filled in the following boxes automatically. You only need fill in share key.

Figure 2.0

-6- Quick Installation Guide FI8918W
Make sure that SSID, Encryption and share key are exactly the same with your router.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.2 Please click Submit after finish these settings, the camera will reboot.


Quick Installation Guide FI8918W
Plug out the network cable after you click submit about 10 seconds. The camera will work on WIFI after reboot.Note: If your camera could not connect WIFI, please see FAQ in user manual.

5 DDNS Service Settings
5.1 Static IP user
Static IP users need not set DDNS service settings for remote access. When finished the connection of camera in LAN and port forwarding. (Figure 3.6/3.7) You can access the camera directly from Internet by the WAN IP and port number. There are two ways to obtain your WAN IP. Obtain the WAN IP from Website Please enter these strings in your browser: webpage at this address will show you the current WAN IP.

Figure 2.3  Obtain the WAN IP address from the router You can find the WAN IP in your router. Normally, it is in system status. Take the WRT54G router of LINKSYS for example, 1) Obtain the IP address of the router(LAN gateway...