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Teaching notes for Film bank worksheets

1  Saying hello
Write the names of six famous people on the board, e.g. Björk (Iceland), Placido Domingo (Spain), Michael Douglas (the US), Anna Kournikova (Russia), Ronaldinho (Brazil), Nicole Kidman (Australia), and ask sts to take turns to introduce the person and tell their partner where the person is from. Ask for class feedback oneach person. You could extend the activity by adding more people from other countries.

2  Favourites
Write the following on the board: My favourite song, My favourite word in English, My favourite time of day. Ask sts to quickly tell each other their thoughts. Ask for class feedback.

Before watching 1u Check that sts understand the following
vocabulary: cities, actors,writers and TV programmes. Put sts into pairs or small groups. Sts then complete the table. Check answers as a class, and ask if sts can give you any information about the places and people. Answers: City: Rome Sydney Rio de Janeiro Tokyo Actor: Bruce Willis Jennifer Lopez Michael Douglas Angelina Jolie Writer: Isabel Allende Jane Austen JK Rowling Ian Fleming TV programme: Big Brother Friends Whowants to be a millionaire? Jerry Springer

Before watching 1a/bu Sts work with a partner to write a response to
each of the phrases. More than one response might be possible. False beginners could develop the exchange into a mini-dialogue. Circulate and monitor, supporting as necessary. Elicit feedback from the class. Sts then practise saying the phrases to each other. Suggested answers: 1 Goodmorning, I’m … 2 Pleased to meet you, too./Nice to meet you, too. 3 Hi/Hello, Anna. /I’m … . Nice to meet you. 4 Hi, … .

While watching 2u Give sts some time to read the information boxes.
Ask if anyone has any questions about vocabulary. Then play the film extract right through, pausing between each monologue for sts to make notes. Sts watch the extract again to check their answers. Elicitthe answers from the class. Answers: Jennifer: London Robert De Niro Murder on the Orient Express The Blue Planet Sean: Auckland Renee Zellweger The Picture of Dorian Gray Mr Bean Rachel: Toronto Henry Fonda Oliver Twist Dr Who

While watching 2u Tell sts they are going to watch a series of short
introductions and their task is to complete some of the phrases. Ask sts to read the gapped sentencesand ask if they have any questions. Play extracts 1–3, allowing sts to make notes. Play the extracts again for sts to check their answers. Discuss the answers together. Write the sentences on the board and ask different sts to complete the missing words. Proceed in the same way with extracts 4–6. Answers: 1 Hello 2 Hi 3 Where 4 Great 5 This 6 It’s 7 Hello 8 too 9 I’m

After watching 3u Sts readthe questions in the table, which are
exactly the same as the questions asked in the film extract. Sts then interview three other sts. They note down their answers in the table. Circulate and monitor. Make notes of errors for a correction spot later. Ask for feedback from one or two individual sts, in full sentences, e.g. His favourite actor is Bruce Willis. Pool information and compile classstatistics.

After watching 3u Sts choose six well-known people and ask their
partner where each of them is from. Encourage sts to use the contracted form he’s/she’s from in their answers. Circulate and monitor as they work, and correct grammatical mistakes. Ask some pairs to demonstrate their exchanges.

Sts write up the answers to their mini questionnaire from the ‘Afterwatching’ activity, using his/her favourite. This can be either a class or homework activity.


Teaching notes for Film bank worksheets

3 Across Canada
Write Canada on the board and ask sts to work in pairs to write down as many things they know about Canada, e.g. names of cities, places, tourist attractions, animals, adjectives to describe the country. Pool ideas...