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Clean development mechanism practice in China: Current status and possibilities
for future regime

Fei Teng a,b,*, Xiliang Zhang a,b
Energy 35 (2010) 4328–4335

Objetivo do MDL:
help Annex Icountries achieve their binding
commitment through a cost-effective way and to promote sustainable development in non Annex I
countries including China, which has been the largest host country in theCDM market.

-clear institutional setting and implementation
strategy is crucial for the effective implementation of CDM projects.

7th Conference of Parties (COP7), the Marrakech Accords-Regulamentação MDL

Corpo decisório:
CDM EB (Executive Board) was established to define the detailed rules for the CDM
project cycle and to accredit Designated operational entities (DOEs) forvalidation, verification, and certification of proposed CDM project activities.

Maio 2007- 1866 mdl projetos(were in the pipeline)…nºs

China assinou o UNFCCC 92 e ratificou o Protocolo de Kyoto em 30ago 2002.
• 71 registered projects,
• 380 projects are in the pipeline (either requesting registration, or at validation status, or request review)
• More than 160million tons of Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) reduction per year [2]
• 2007-Biggest CERs supplier in the world.( not only in terms of CERs volume but also in terms of CDM project numbers (See Fig.1). )
• Market share of projects hosted by China has risen from less than 10% in the beginning to more than 40% now (See Fig. 1).
PG2 4329
Razão do sucesso chinês:
• comprehensive set ofpolicy directives,
• institutional arrangement,
• regulation,
• capacity building to promote CDM activities at the national and the local level.
Medidas para regular MDL na China:-ago2005-‘‘Measures for operation and management of CDM projects in China’’ (CDM project measures) [6]
▪ clear description for the requirements of the eligibility of project owner,