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Trabalho apresentado ao Curso de Tecnologia de Recursos Humanos da Faculdade ENIAC para a disciplinaplanejamento de recursos humanos.

Prof. Maria de Fátima



1. Read the answers. Then write thequestions:

a. Are they from England ? No, they’re not from England. They’re from Peru.
b. Where are we from? We’re from New York.
c. How old is she? I think she’s 22.
d. You firstlanguagis Portugues? No, my first language is Spanish.
e. Are you from take? Yes, I’m from Tokyo.
f. Whet’s he like? He’s talkative and friendly.

2. Circle the correct words.

a. Larryisn’t serious. He’s funny.
b. Jean is a really good student. She’s very smart.
c. Tom isn’t very talkative. He’s quiet.
d. My teacher isn’t short. She’s tall.
e. My brother isgood-looking. He’s handsome.

3. Match the questions with the answers.

(D) Is this Sue’s scarf? a. Maybe they’re Katy’s.
(E) Whose boots are these? b. No, they aren’t theirs. They’reours.
(B) Are these Lisa’s gloves? c. I think it’s yours.
(C) Whose hat is this? d. No, it’s not hers. It’s mine.
(A) Are these Peter’s and Kathy’s coats? e. Yes, they’re hers.

4. Answer thequestions below. Give your own information:

a) Are you a teacher? No, I am not
b) Is your name Sarah? No, my name is Tatiane
c) Is your workbook on your desk? Yes, it is
d) Is your phonenumber 64648989? My fone number 878787678
e) Are you in an English class? Yes, I am
f) Where is your book? My book is in my school bag
g) Where are your pens? My pens are in my purse..

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