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How to Use the Oversized PST Recovery Utility

This utility is for recovering most of the data that exists in a .pst file that has grown over the 2 GB limit. It does this by creating a new fileunder the 2 GB limit. There are 4 steps to recovering an oversized .PST file:

1. Open the Oversized PST Recovery utility
2. Click Browse and select the existing oversized PST file.
3.Click Create and select a path and file name for the new .PST file where the recovered data will be saved (on the same machine the source file is on).
4. Select how much to cut off the 2 GB file(specified in megabytes - MB).
Note: It is best to start low 15 – 20 MB the first run, and then if not able to recover the .PST, try cutting off more until it works.
5. Click Start.
6. Whenit finishes successfully, click OK to clear the confirmation box and click Close.
7. Open the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe).
8. Select the new .PST that was created in the previous steps.9. Click Start.
10. When the Inbox Repair Tool is done, choose Repair.

Open the repaired .PST file in Outlook (if the repair was successful), and the recovered items and folders will be in afolder called Lost & Found. Each recovered folder will be called Recovered Folder followed by an ID number.

For best results, the source file and target file should be on the same machine wherethe tool is run. Using the network to transfer file data has caused malformed target files (this doesn't damage the original PST file).

The program can be run with a –s switch that allows you to useit on any size .pst file, and prevents any data from being cut from the end of the file. This mode will not work to recover files that are over the size limit, as they will require some reduction insize, but it can be used on files that are under the limit that are not showing any. It only resets the header information in the .pst file, and then scanpst.exe can be used to rebuild it....
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