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Marketing Plan

Company: West Bay Sonship (
Product: Yacht 63 Pilothouse/ 84 Pilothouse
Target Country: Brazil
Target Customer: People with high purchasing power (upper class consumer)
Name: Daniel Renato Schlindwein

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
Description of product 4
Rationale for Selection of country and/or Market 9Market Entry Rationale 11
Legal/Political/Cultural Impact 12
Pricing/Promotion Mechanisms 13
Logistics Mechanisms 15
Conclusion and Action Plan 16
Bibliography 17

Executive Summary

West Bay Sonship is a family business founded in 1967 and is builder of semi-custom luxury yachts made in fiberglass. The boats of the company made Sonship earn the reputation of excellence in marineconstruction and services. The company is located in the south arm of the Fraser river in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.
“Through quality, commitment and service, we proudly bring to life the yachting dreams of our customers.” This is the mission of the company.
Semi-retired, Ben & Leidy Vermeulen remain active in the company as founders with Ben Vermeulen serving as chairman of the board ofdirectors. Wes Vermeulen, Ben and Leidy’s eldest son, is president with the additional responsibilities of overseeing select brokerage and new yacht sales. Bas Vermeulen, Ben and Leidy’s younger son, is vice president in charge of production and product development. Lynda Vermeulen, Wes’ wife, specializes in interior design. Danny Kilberg, the Vermeulen’s son-in-law, is in charge of design andengineering and Shipyard Service work.
Sonship complex includes over 100,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled design, and production space on 6.5 acres of land, with a full service shipyard including concrete floats, a floating boathouse, and a 200-ton marine ways.
Looking for exports, one possibility of business in Brazil was sight. The Brazilian upper class, called AAA class, is growing in a speedof 30% each year and the country represents today 1,5% of the worldwide luxury yachts sales.
In general, the country enjoys today an annual growth rate of over 5% of the GDP, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
The Sonship interest is to start exporting to Brazil two boats models, which are 63 Pilothouse and 84 Pilothouse.

Description of product

Detailed descriptions
Theproduct description of the 63 Pilothouse and the 84 Pilothouse are described below:

84 Pilothouse
Length Overall | 86’-8” (26.4 m) |
Loaded waterline length | 73’-3” (22.3 m) |
Beam | 21’-0” (6.4 m) |
Draft | 5’-0” (1.5 m) |
Fuel | 3000 USG (11,356 L) |
Water | 600 USG (2,271 L) |
Generators | 2 – 25kw Northern Lights |
Propulsion | MTU 8V2000 M94 1250HP |

The 84 Pilothouseis made in fiberglass and the dry weight is 130000 lbs. The 84 Pilothouse is based on the old popular Sonship 78 with more length and beam then her earlier siblings. The boat has 5 cabines.

Main deck

Lower Deck

Command Deck

Length Overall | 67’-3” (20.47 m) |
Loaded waterline length | 55’-5” (16.9 m) |
Beam | 18’-1” (5.5 m) |
Draft | 4’-10” (1.5 m) |
Fuel | 1200 USG (4,542 L)|
Water | 260 USG (984 L) |
Generators | 1 – 12kw & 1 – 20kw Northern Lights |
Propulsion | MTU Series 60 825HP |
63 Pilothouse

The 63 Pilothouse presents a dry weight of 66000 lbs and is made in fiberglass. The 63 Pilothouse is based on the old Sonship 58. This boat has 3 cabines.

Main Deck

Lower Deck

Command Deck

Features and Benefits
The main benefits of buying aluxury boat are entertainment and fun, accompanied by high status. Both of the models provide several features directed to the commodity and comfort of the owner. Dishwasher, microwave oven and washing machine give more free time to all the passengers to enjoy the boat. Moreover, the company works closely with the customer to design the boat, letting the customer free to say what they expect from...
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