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  • Publicado : 28 de maio de 2012
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Submitter Email:
Type of Project: Modify Existing Approved PAR
PAR Request Date: 19-Oct-2009
PAR Approval Date: 09-Dec-2009
PAR Expiration Date: 31-Dec-2010
Status:Modification to a Previously Approved PAR
Root PAR: P802.22 Approved on: 23-Sep-2004
Project Record: 802.22
1.1 Project Number: P802.22
1.2 Type of Document: Standard
1.3 Life Cycle: Full Use
2.1Title: Standard for Information Technology -Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Wireless Regional
Area Networks (WRAN) - Specific requirements - Part 22: Cognitive Wireless RANMedium Access Control (MAC) and Physical
Layer (PHY) specifications: Policies and procedures for operation in the TV Bands
3.1 Working Group: Wireless Regional Area Networks Working Group(C/LM/WG802.22)
Contact Information for Working Group Chair
Name: wendong hu
Email Address:
Phone: 1-408-467-8410
Contact Information for Working Group Vice-Chair
Name: Gerald Chouinard
Phone: 613-998-2500
3.2 Sponsoring Society and Committee: IEEE Computer Society/Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (C/LM)
Contact Information for Sponsor ChairName: Paul Nikolich
Email Address:
Phone: 857.205.0050
Contact Information for Standards Representative
4.1 Type of Ballot: Individual
4.2 Expected Date of submission ofdraft to the IEEE-SA for Initial Sponsor Ballot: 03/2010
4.3 Projected Completion Date for Submittal to RevCom: 07/2010
5.1 Approximate number of people expected to be actively involved in thedevelopment of this project: 50
5.2 Scope: This standard specifies the air interface, including the
Old Scope: This standard specifies the air interface, including the
cognitive medium access controllayer (MAC) and physical layer
medium access control layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY), of
(PHY), of point-to-multipoint wireless regional area networks
fixed point-to-multipoint wireless...