How to help save our planet

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How to help save our planet
There are many actions that each of us could do to help save our world. Nowadays, there are more and more people who are worried about it, then they tell to the othershow to improve the world. Although it happens, there are many parents, teachers and students that still don’t know about a lot of actions to help our planet.
If our home saves us and helps the world,it can be an amazing and ecological space. We can change many actions in our daily life that make a difference. For example, if we are in the bathroom, we should have a shower instead of a bath. If youdo it, we will save 7 thousand liters of water per year. You should turn off the water in the shower while you are shampooing your hair. If it’s a warm day, we ought to avoid our hairdryer. It willbe good for our hair and we will save energy. We also can save many liters of water if we turn off the tap while we are brushing our teeth, or shaving.
If you are in the kitchen, you should wash thefood or wash the dishes into a recipient. This water could be used to water plants. We ought to eat more fruits and vegetables than meat and, if is possible, we should choose ecologic food.
We shouldrecycle. It’s so easy and it would help the environment a lot. We should follow the 3 R’s movement: reduce, reuse and recycle. If we reuse 100 kg of paper, we will save 7 trees.
Many people like toplay computer games. Others uses computer to work. We ought to avoid printing. When we need to print, we should print on the front and back pages. If we have papers that we won’t use more, we can usethem to drafts.
If you live in an apartment, you probably have an elevator. If you live on the first floors or if you have time, you ought to use the stairs. It’s healthy for you and energy is saves.Some people who live in houses have gardens. The better moment for watering plants is in the afternoon because there is less evaporation.
A lot of appliances need batteries. When we will buy...
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