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Select Dissertations & Theses and you will see the main search page. In addition to the usual searches, you can also search by Advisor, School, Committee member and Degree. When searching forDalTech/TUNS theses, use DalTech and “Technical University of Nova Scotia” as the school names.

THESES & Dissertations
What This Guide Does
This Guide will provide you with basic information fornavigating the library’s theses and dissertations.

Theses Canada Portal (1965–Present) Search Library and Archives Canada’s catalogue of all Canadian thesesand dissertations published since 1965. Full text access is available for the period of 1998– 2002. For a full list of participating universities, click on About Theses Canada - Our Universities.Other Sources
UNESCO NDLTD Electronic Theses & Dissertations Many universities now have electronic repositories for theses. If you cannot finda university’s theses in a database, try performing a Web search for “theses repository” (i.e. “MIT theses repository”). Document Delivery Thesesand dissertations that are not available in full text on the web or in Novanet libraries may be ordered through document delivery (certain restrictions apply).

What Are Theses & Dissertations?Theses are large-scale original research written by candidates for Master’s programs (or undergraduate programs, usually honours). Dissertations are the same type of project written at the Doctoral level.Sexton’s Thesis & Dissertation Collection
The Sexton Library has circulating copies of all theses and dissertations accepted by the schools of architecture, planning, and engineering. Search forthem in Novanet by searching by author, title, or the name of the department. To search for theses by the name of the department: 1. Choose Basic Search 2. Select Author from the “Search by keyword...
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