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4- Write a list of pros and cons for one of these topics: “Getting Older”
Moreexperience | less energy |
Can live alone | Pay bills |
shaped personality | More responsibilities |
Have money | Different metabolism |
Dothings without ask permission | Need to work |

5- Write four paragraphs
Some people say that to grow up it is very difficult. They are rightespecially in the transition from teenager to adult life. But to become an adult has its pros and cons.
If you are an adult you don´t need toask to your parents’ permission to go out, or tell them about what time you will come back. You will have money because now you work so don´tneed your parents´ money. On the top of that you can live alone, have a house the way you like. And more important than anything you will have yourown personality. It can be a good or a bad personality but you will know more about the world and the people.
In the other hand you will havemore responsibilities in your life, for example at work. Knowing you will have your money, your home, so you need to pay the bills. And the worstpart is about your body. Your metabolism will not be the same. You will not have the same energy to do things.
In conclusion, although somepeople don´t like getting older I think it is good. I like to feel the years pass because you learn more and more about life and how to live.
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